Watch Man in the Wilderness: In the early 1800's, a group of fur trappers and Indian traders are returning with their goods to civilisation and are making a desperate attempt to beat the oncoming winter. When guide Zachary Bass is injured in a bear attack, they decide he's a goner and leave him behind to die. When he recovers instead, he swears revenge on them and tracks them and their paranoiac expedition leader down.

🌟 6.80/10 from 2663 users
Ratings: IMDB: 6.80
Runtime: 104 mins
Genres: Adventure Western Action Drama
Director: Richard C. Sarafian
Actors: Richard Harris John Huston Bruce M. Fischer Ben Carruthers Norman Rossington

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Posted by bigcat
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Sorry guys this was a awful film in my opinion. Richard harris playing his usual grunting self, interesting to see Dennis Waterman though, Dennis is the most plausible thing about the film.

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