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Ratings: IMDB: 6.30
Genres: Crime Thriller Horror Mystery
Director: Lucio Fulci
Actors: Babette New Cinzia de Ponti Cosimo Cinieri Almanta Suska Zora Kerova

The New York Ripper (1982) Watch

The New York Ripper (1982) Keywords

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Eyes Open Death Death By Asphyxiation Death By Gunshot Death By Suffocation Death Of Father deeply disturbed person Depravity Desire Detective Disembowelment Distorted Voice disturbed disturbed individual disturbing Dog Carrying A Severed Hand Double Amputee Duck Duct Tape Over Mouth Dying Daughter east coast erotica Evil Man Exhibitionism Exhibitionist Exit Wound explicit sex Extreme Blood Extreme Brutal Violence Extreme Brutality Extreme Carnage Extreme Cruelty Extreme Gore Extreme Sadism Extreme Violence Eye Eye Gouging Eye Sliced In Half Falling Down Stairs Father Daughter Love Father Daughter Relationship Fear Female Frontal Nudity Female Full Frontal Nudity Female Genital Mutilation Female Masturbation Female Nudity Female Pubic Hair Female Rear Nudity Female Victim Ferry Fondling Foot Foot Sex Forensic Evidence Full Frontal Female Nudity Garter Garter Belt gay Gay Man Gay Porn Gay Pornography Genital Mutilation Giallo Gigolo Gloves Gore Goreshed Gory Massacre Gory Shootout Gory Slaughter Gory Stabbing Gory Violence Graphic Carnage Graphic Death Scene Graphic Gore Graphic Horror Graphic Violence grindhouse grindhouse film Grisly Gore Grisly Murder Grisly Shootout Grisly Violence Gruesome Gruesome Violence Gun Gun Violence Guts Hallucination Hallway Helicopter Homicidal Maniac Homicide Hooker Horror Art Hospital hospital bill Hospital Bills Hospital Room Hotel Hotel Room Human Monster Humiliation Imitating A Duck insane insane murderer insanity Intense Violence Intestines italian cinema Italian Horror Jewish Woman killer killing killing spree Kitchen Knife Knife Knife Attack Knife Murder Knife Wound latex gloves Left Handedness Life Is Unfair Live Sex Show Lymphoma madman Male Nudity Male Rear Nudity Male To Female Foot In Crotch man kills woman man murders a woman man wears eyeglasses Man With Glasses Manhattan New York City Maniac masked killer masked man masked villain Massacre Masturbation Mercilessness Misogynist Misogyny Missing Finger Moaning Morgue 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Slitting Tied To A Bed Tied To A Bedpost Tied To Bedpost Tied Up Toe Sex Torture Tortured To Death Transgression Transgressive Film twin towers Ultraviolence Unanswered Telephone Call Underwear unknown killer unknown murderer Vagina Vaginal Injury Victim Vile Violence Violence Against Women Violent Death Voice Imitation Vulva White Panties Woman Hater world trade center world trade center new york city Wound

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