Teen Vamp (1988)

Watch Teen Vamp: Murphy is a horny high-school boy. He has a crush on the cute blonde Conny Sutton, but she just laughs into his face. So he decides to call on the services of a prostitute. Unfortunately he happens upon a vampire and gets bitten, what makes him a vampire too. But actually that isn't so bad, since now he's not only cool enough to impress the chicks, he's also strong and can push around bully Bucky and pay him back. Only his mother isn't happy with his new self and asks a reverend to exorcize him.

🌟 3.30/10 from 136 users
Ratings: IMDB: 3.30
Genres: Comedy Fantasy Horror
Director: Samuel Bradford
Actors: Karen Carlson Angie Brown Ginger Folmer Edd Anderson Evans Dietz

Teen Vamp (1988) Watch

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