Carrington (1995)

Watch Carrington: The story of the relationship between painter Dora Carrington (Dame Emma Thompson) and author Lytton Strachey (Jonathan Pryce) in a World War I England of cottages and countryside. Although platonic due to Strachey's homosexuality, the relationship was nevertheless a deep and complicated one. When Carrington did develop a more physical relationship with soldier Ralph Partridge (Steven Waddington), Strachey was able to welcome him as a friend, although Partridge remained somewhat uneasy, not so much with Strachey's sexual orientation as with the fact that he was a conscientious objector.

🌟 6.80/10 from 4986 users
Ratings: IMDB: 6.80
Runtime: 121 mins
Genres: Biography Drama Romance Action
Director: Christopher Hampton
Actors: Emma Thompson Rufus Sewell Alex Kingston Janet McTeer Jonathan Pryce

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