Crimson Tide (1995)

Watch Crimson Tide: When some Russian rebels take control of some ICBM's, the Americans mobilize. Among the vessels sent is the nuclear sub, USS Alabama. But before they leave they need a new X.O. and among the choices is Commander Hunter, who hasn't seen much action. But the ship's Captain, Ramsey, OK's him. While on the way, there was an incident and Hunter disagreed with how Ramsey handled it. It's evident that Ramsey doesn't think much of Hunter because Hunter was college educated while Ramsey worked his way up. They're given orders to attack but when they were in the process of receiving another order, the ship's communications were damaged, so the entire message was not received. Ramsey decides to...

🌟 7.30/10 from 113131 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.30
Runtime: 116 mins
Genres: Action Drama Thriller War
Director: Tony Scott
Actors: Denzel Washington Viggo Mortensen Ryan Phillippe Gene Hackman Steve Zahn

Crimson Tide (1995) Watch

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