The Craft (1996)

Watch The Craft: In Los Angeles, the teenager Sarah Bailey has just arrived from San Francisco with her father Mr. Bailey and her stepmother to live in an old house. When she goes to the Catholic high school, she is not well received by her schoolmates and has a crush on the football player Chris Hooker. He lures her and tells lies and gossips about their relationship. Soon the outcast Nancy Downs, Bonnie Rachel and Rochelle, who are known as witches, invite Sarah to join them. Nancy lives with her drunken mother and her boyfriend and hates him. Bonnie has awful burning scars on her back and has complex. Rochelle hates the racist Laura Lizzie, who despises her color and her hair. Sarah does not know that...

🌟 6.40/10 from 93867 users
Ratings: IMDB: 6.40
Runtime: 101 mins
Genres: Drama Fantasy Horror Thriller
Director: Andrew Fleming
Actors: Holly Marie Combs Robin Tunney Neve Campbell Christine Taylor Fairuza Balk

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Posted by Kamikaze_Girl
100% Useful

One of my favourite films.

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