Breakdown (1997)

Watch Breakdown: Jeff and Amy Taylor are moving to California and must drive across the country. When they find themselves stranded in the middle of a desert with hardly anyone or anything around, their trip comes to a sudden halt. Amy had taken a ride with a friendly trucker to a small diner to call for help, but after a long time, Jeff becomes worried. He finds that no one in the diner has seen or heard from his wife. When he finds the trucker who gave Amy the ride, the trucker swears he has never seen her. Now Jeff must attempt to find his wife, who has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. But who can he trust?

🌟 7.00/10 from 55372 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.00
Runtime: 93 mins
Genres: Mystery Thriller Action Crime Drama
Director: Jonathan Mostow
Actors: Kurt Russell Kathleen Quinlan Moira Sinise M.C. Gainey J.T. Walsh

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Posted by h3wk
100% Useful

One of the Greatest thrillers ever made! a must see

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