Alexander (2004)

Watch Alexander: Conquering ninety percent of the known world by the age of twenty-five, Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell) led his armies through twenty-two thousand miles of sieges and conquests in just eight years. Coming out of tiny Macedonia, Alexander led his armies against the mighty Persian Empire, drove west to Egypt, and finally made his way east to India. This movie concentrated on those eight years of battles, as well as his relationship with his boyhood friend and battle mate, Hephaistion (Jared Leto). Alexander died young, of illness, at the age of thirty-two. Alexander's conquests paved the way for the spread of Greek culture (facilitating the spread of Christianity centuries later), and...

🌟 5.60/10 from 170112 users
Ratings: IMDB: 5.60
Runtime: 175 mins
Genres: Action Adventure Biography Drama History Romance War
Director: Oliver Stone
Actors: Angelina Jolie Colin Farrell Anthony Hopkins Jared Leto Christopher Plummer

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