Hard Candy (2005)

Watch Hard Candy: After having online chat room chats for three weeks, "Thonggrrrl14" convinces "Lensman319" to meet in person in a public place, they being up front that they are a fourteen year old girl and thirty-two year old man respectively. They are indeed precocious fourteen year old Hayley Stark and thirty-two year old photographer Jeff Kohlver. Their interactions, including their meeting, are laced with indirect sexual innuendo, most specifically on Hayley's part, although Jeff is clear also in an indirect manner that he does not have sex with minors. Regardless, Hayley is further able to convince Jeff to continue their face-to-face at his place. There, both Hayley and Jeff's true intentions come...

🌟 7.00/10 from 161213 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.00
Runtime: 104 mins
Genres: Drama Thriller Crime
Actors: Ellen Page Patrick Wilson Sandra Oh G.J. Echternkamp Cori Bright

Hard Candy (2005) Watch

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