Inside Man (2006)

Watch Inside Man: Composed and meticulous, the soft-spoken and ingenious bank robber, Dalton Russell, has orchestrated the perfect heist--shortly, the Manhattan bank at the corner of Wall Street and Broadway along with dozens of hostages will be his to command. Try as he might, the rough hostage negotiator, Keith Frazier, is always one step behind the criminal mastermind--and what is more disheartening--the institution's silver-haired founder, Arthur Case, recruits the intelligent problem-fixer, Madeline White, to retrieve something of paramount importance. However, the thieves seem to procrastinate intentionally, when they should be rushing into action. Will Arthur and Madeline get what they want this time?

🌟 7.60/10 from 371731 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.60
Runtime: 129 mins
Genres: Crime Drama Thriller Mystery
Director: Spike Lee
Actors: Denzel Washington Christopher Plummer Jodie Foster Clive Owen Willem Dafoe

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Posted by Brianthelyon
100% Useful

Really good movie!

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