10,000 BC (2008)

Watch 10,000 BC: A pseudo-orphaned semi-outcast since his father left his mammoth hunting tribe on a secret, prophecy-related mission, D'Leh grows up as protégé of master hunter Tic'Tic. Putting truth first, he sacrifices his cheater chance to win status and the charmed girl Evolet, who thus falls to his rival-buddy Ka'Ren. The couple is among the captives taken by horse-riding slave-hunters, but D'Leh takes charge of an epic rescue mission that follows the caravan all the way to the pyramid building site of a 'living god'. By winning the support of a people he impressed on the way thanks to a saber-tooth he once saved and secretly forging a slave rise, he bids for his people's liberation.

🌟 5.10/10 from 131486 users
Ratings: IMDB: 5.10
Runtime: 109 mins
Genres: Adventure Drama Fantasy Action Sci-Fi History Thriller
Director: Roland Emmerich
Actors: Camilla Belle Cliff Curtis Omar Sharif Tim Barlow David Dennis

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10,000 BC (2008) Keywords

10,000 B.c. 100th Century B.c. Absent Father Abuse Acronym In Title Aerial Shot Agriculture Ally Ancient City ancient culture Animal Attack animal rescue Archery Armband Arms Cache Army Arrow In One's Back Battle Beast Of Burden Beating Betrayal Bird Blessing Blindness Blizzard Blood Boat Bone Bow And Arrow Boy Building A Fire Burial Butcher Campfire Captive Caught In A Net Cauterizing A Wound Cavalry Cave Drawing Cave Woman cavewoman Ceremonial Staff Chant Chanting Chase Cheer Club As A Weapon club the weapon Clubbed On The Head Collapse Combat construction crane Construction Site Corpse Crane Crying Custom Dance Dancer Dancing Dead Body Death Death In Childbirth Death Of Family Death Of Friend Death Of Mother Desert Destiny Dinosaur Dragged Along The Ground Dreadlocks Drum Drying Meat Dying Dying In Someone's Arms Eating Epic Ethnography Exhaustion Face Paint Fall Falling From Height Falling Object Falling To Death False God Father Figure Father Son Relationship Fictional War Fight Fight For Freedom Fire Flash Forward Flood Flooding Fog Filled Valley Food Friend Friendship Funeral Pyre Fur Blanket Giant Bird Gift Girl Gold Hallucination Hand To Hand Combat Hearth Herd Heroic Quest Heroism historically inaccurate Horn Horse Human Sacrifice Hunt Hunter Hunting Impaled On A Spear Injury Jail Jail Cell Jouney Home Journey Jungle Kidnapping Killed With A Spear Kiss Knife Lake Legend Liar Lie Lightning Loincloth Long Fingernails Love Magic Male Female Relationship Mammoth Manacles Mask Massacre Meat Medicine Woman Messiah Monster Moon Mother Son Relationship Mountain Moving A Heavy Load Murder Murder Of A King Murder Of Mother Mysticism Negotiation Net North Africa Number In Title Orion The Constellation Orphan Pharaoh Pictograph Pit Prehistoric Times Prehistory Premonition Priest Priestess Primitive Art Primitive Culture Prison Prisoner Prologue Promise Prophecy Punched In The Face Punishment Pursuit Pyramid Quest Raid Rain Rainstorm Rebirth Reference To God Rejection Rescue Rescuing An Animal Resurrection Revolt Rhea Rising From The Grave Rite Ritual River saber toothed cat saber toothed tiger Sabertooth Tiger Sabre Toothed Cat Sailboat Sailing Ship Scar Scolding Search Secret About Father Seed Seer Self Sacrifice Separation From Family Shield ship Shot With An Arrow Skeleton Skin Shield Slave Slave Revolt slave uprising Slavery Smoke Snow Snowstorm Spear Spiritualism Spirituality Spitting Stabbed In The Back Stabbed With A Spear Stabbing Stalking Stampede Star Gazing Stealth Stone Age Stone Hut storyteller Stretcher Subtitled Scene Sunset Superstition Talking To An Animal Tall Grass Target Practice Tears Telescope Temple Tent Thatched Roof The One Thrown From Height Torch Touching Foreheads Tracking Trail Of Bread Crumbs Trampled Transference Trap Tree Trek Tribal Warfare Tribe Uprising Village Voice Over Narration Vulture Walking In Circles War Paint Warrior Whip Whipping Whipping A Slave Whistle Witch Woolly Mammoth Wound

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