Acolytes (2008)

Watch Acolytes: James Tresswick and Mark Vincent are victims of a brutal bully Gary Parker who has maltreated both boys, marking their bodies and spoiling their young lives. In their last year of high school, James and Mark find a way to stop being victims. They're going to kill Gary; Wandering alone around an isolated forest - the suspected site of the disappearance of a local girl - 17 year old Mark strays upon an adult male filling in a trench. It's suspicious and tantalizing. Mark returns with his friend James and Chasley Keys and they bring shovels to exhume what will probably be rotting garbage or someone's dead pet - or so they tell themselves. They find the ghostly white body of a woman. She's a...

🌟 5.50/10 from 2198 users
Ratings: IMDB: 5.50
Runtime: 91 mins
Genres: Crime Drama Horror Mystery Thriller Action
Director: Jon Hewitt
Actors: Joel Edgerton Bella Heathcote Anthony Phelan Todd Levi Ryan Sheldrake

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