Role Models (2008)

Watch Role Models: Danny and Wheeler, well into their 30s, lack something: Danny feels stuck; he's sour and has driven away his terrific girlfriend. Wheeler chases any skirt he sees for empty sex. When they get in a fight with a tow-truck driver, they choose community service over jail and are assigned to be big brothers - Danny to Augie, a geek who loves to LARP (Live Action Role Play), and Wheeler to Ronnie, a pint-size foul-mouthed kid. After a rocky start, things start to go well until both Danny and Wheeler make big mistakes. Can the two men figure out how to change enough to be role models to the boys?

🌟 6.80/10 from 231649 users
Ratings: IMDB: 6.80
Runtime: 99 mins
Genres: Comedy Romance
Director: David Wain
Actors: Elizabeth Banks Paul Rudd Seann William Scott Jane Lynch Ken Jeong

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