Skyline (2010)

Watch Skyline: Jarrod and his pregnant girlfriend Elaine travel to Los Angeles to meet his old friend and successful entrepreneur Terry, and his wife Candice. Terry gives a party in his apartment for Jarrod and offers a job position to him in LA. Terry's assistant and lover Denise (Crystal Reed) and his friend Ray (Neil Hopkins) sleep on the couch in the living room, but in the dawn of the next morning, the group is awakened by mysterious beams of blue light. Ray stares at the light and is taken by the mysterious force. The group of friends try to escape from the alien invaders.

🌟 4.50/10 from 90041 users
Ratings: IMDB: 4.50
Runtime: 92 mins
Genres: Thriller Action Sci-Fi
Directors: Colin Strause Greg Strause
Actors: Scottie Thompson Brittany Daniel Eric Balfour Donald Faison David Zayas

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