Bad Teacher (2011)

Watch Bad Teacher: When her wealthy fiancé breaks it off, gold digger Elizabeth Halsey returns to middle school: she's an awful teacher but wants to save for breast-implant surgery. She brightens when Scott, a new teacher, turns out to be rich, and she stops showing films and sleeping in class when told there's a bonus for the teacher whose class scores highest on the state exam. Her competition for Scott and the bonus is cheery and tightly wound Amy. Amy digs for dirt on Elizabeth who cheats her way toward Scott's bed and the money. Honesty with students seems to be her only skill. She ignores Russell, a droll gym teacher, who looks on. Will she succeed with Scott and get those new breasts?

🌟 5.60/10 from 203441 users
Ratings: IMDB: 5.60
Runtime: 92 mins
Genres: Comedy Action Romance
Director: Jake Kasdan
Actors: Cameron Diaz Justin Timberlake Lucy Punch Eric Stonestreet Dot Jones

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Posted by MrBCut
100% Useful

movie: pretty funny :) Cameron is smoking hot!!! quality: really good on putlocker

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