Watch The Green Hornet: Playboy Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) becomes the new publisher of Los Angeles' "The Daily Sentinel" after the sudden death of his father. Britt's party life is about to change when he and his driver and kung fu expert, Kato (Jay Chou), stop a robbery. With the help of Kato, Britt starts a new career of fighting crime as the masked superhero "The Green Hornet".

🌟 5.80/10 from 160770 users
Ratings: IMDB: 5.80
Runtime: 119 mins
Genres: Action Crime Thriller Comedy Sci-Fi
Director: Michel Gondry
Actors: James Franco Seth Rogen Christoph Waltz Cameron Diaz Analeigh Tipton

The Green Hornet (2011) Watch

The Green Hornet (2011) Keywords

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