Cloud Atlas (2012)

Watch Cloud Atlas: Everything is connected: an 1849 diary of an ocean voyage across the Pacific, letters from a composer to his lover, a thriller about a conspiracy at a nuclear power plant, a farce about a publisher in a nursing home;, a rebellious clone in futuristic Korea, and the tale of a tribe living on post-apocalyptic Hawaii far in the future.

🌟 7.40/10 from 362019 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.40
Runtime: 172 mins
Genres: Sci-Fi Drama Mystery Action
Directors: Tom Tykwer Andy Wachowski Lana Wachowski
Actors: Tom Hanks Hugo Weaving Jim Sturgess Halle Berry Hugh Grant

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Posted by riddikulouz
100% Useful

an amazing movie that conceptualizes that a humans soul can live forever, whith sprinkles of important theories integral to what makes us who we are...

Posted by takumi168
100% Useful

I don't get it!!! OMG well its not that bad but if you're hoping for a game changing ending from reviews and comments don't wait for one but i do have to say the movie was quite entertaining. The way the story jumps around makes for it a real puzzle. each piece fits into the story as a whole so you do have to work for the nugget. only down side is that i didn't have subtitles to help me understand what the characters were saying. (hard to understand due to accents and different speech pattern)

Posted by jamesb137
100% Useful

Brilliant movie. Interesting from the very start. Its a bit hard to follow so im going to have to watch it again but for anyone whos trying to decide wether to watch it or not just watch it. You wont be disappointed. 10/10

Posted by kdogkeith
100% Useful

Audio is not perfect but its watchable, at about 8:25 the audio stops for a few seconds

Posted by Winter_Final
100% Useful

Loved this movie so much I made an account just so I could comment on how deeply it moved me. It's one of those life changing films for me. Cried hard at the end. 10/10

Posted by Cheesylemon
100% Useful

8/10 Great picture and audio (small amount of Russian subs) Hmmm, an odd film 2hr 43m long and I'm not really sure what happened. 6 stories inter twined, great prosthetics on the cast who play out the stories but I am left thinking what have i just watched ??? Still it's worth watching if you're bored and can't find anything else to see. If it wasn't for those big Hollywood names this would have been real pony.

Posted by shmackedllamas
100% Useful

I cried at the end :x 10/10

Posted by lambiyong
100% Useful

one time watch..8/10

Posted by maheshnakka
100% Useful

hey in putlocker its saying stream not found

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