The Master (2012)

Watch The Master: Following his discharge from the US Navy after WWII, Freddie Quell is having difficulties adjusting to non-military life partly due to his war experiences in the tropics. He has a violent temper. He is obsessed with sex, which is partly why he can't and won't commit to his teenaged girlfriend, Doris Solstad. And he is an alcoholic, drinking primarily concoctions he creates himself with dangerous ingredients. It is these factors in combination that lead to him being fired from one job after another, from department store portrait photographer to cabbage picker. Wandering one night in 1950 while drunk, he stumbles upon a yacht being used by Lancaster and Peggy Dodd, the yacht aboard which...

🌟 7.10/10 from 174402 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.10
Runtime: 138 mins
Genres: Drama
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Actors: Amy Adams Joaquin Phoenix Rami Malek Laura Dern Melora Walters

The Master (2012) Watch

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