Europa Report (2013)

Watch Europa Report: Europa, Jupiter's moon is known to have potential to support life. Hence a manned mission is sent to Europa to search for data proving existence of life there. "Europa report" shows the difficult choices and sacrifices the crew has to make to fulfill their objective of sending valuable data to Earth for research.

🌟 6.40/10 from 71528 users
Ratings: IMDB: 6.40
Runtime: 97 mins
Genres: Sci-Fi Thriller Drama Mystery Adventure
Director: Sebastián Cordero
Actors: Embeth Davidtz Christian Camargo Dan Fogler Michael Nyqvist Karolina Wydra

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Posted by burninforyou
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@tcan1337 don't why you are complaining about the camera style. Almost every type of space/horror movie is filmed from this perspective, because it works. It gives a sense of realism and it did very well for this film. Don't except cinematography of Prometheus in a documentary style film, which is what this is supposed to me.

Posted by jamesb137
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was good. keeps ya watching and didnt finish without an ending like some films 7/10

Posted by tcan1337
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Not exactly a fast paced film but I enjoyed it. Someone at imdb complained about special effects. I felt they were well done and a nice addition to the film. The one thing that soured me when reading about the film BEFORE watching it was the use of internal cameras to tell the story. Ever since Blair Witch it seems every indie filmmaker thinks the 'cool thing' to do would be to have a character carry a video camera around and to use that to tell the story. It worked in Blair Witch, even in cloverfield. Most everything else sucks. If you don't have enough budget to rent a camera then maybe wait to start filming. If shooting from a handheld video camera does not advance the story, then don't consider it because its just annoying. This movie, it worked well because you're seeing it from mission control's eyes, the cameras are pretty steady, and it tells the story well. Anyway, its a decent film and well worth a look.

Posted by neil501
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good movie!4/5

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