Sabotage (2014)

Watch Sabotage: An elite DEA team raids the safe house of a drug cartel and hide $10 million in the plumbing. When they go back to retrieve the money it is not there. The team is under investigation for the missing $10 million. Then after a couple months the investigation is lifted. The team trains together again and then celebrates at a strip club. Then one of the team is murdered. He wakes up in his RV on railroad tracks. Then a second team member is nailed to the ceiling. The third team member is gunned down at his remote cabin. There is a female City of Atlanta investigator in charge of the murders. After investigating the cartel angle, the twisted truth comes to light.

🌟 5.70/10 from 63841 users
Ratings: IMDB: 5.70
Runtime: 109 mins
Genres: Drama Action Thriller Crime Western
Director: David Ayer
Actors: Malin Akerman Sam Worthington Joe Manganiello Olivia Williams Harold Perrineau

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Posted by fmcgregor
100% Useful

What an unexpectedly good movie. 4/5.

Posted by lambiyong
100% Useful

worth a watch. 4/5

Sabotage (2014) Keywords

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