The Judge (2014)

Watch The Judge: Hank Palmer is a successful defense attorney in Chicago, who is getting a divorce. When his brother calls with the news that their mother has died, Hank returns to his childhood home to attend the funeral. Despite the brittle bond between Hank and the Judge, Hank must come to his father's aid and defend him in court. Here, Hank discovers the truth behind the case, which binds together the dysfunctional family and reveals the struggles and secrecy of the family.

🌟 7.40/10 from 191112 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.40
Runtime: 141 mins
Genres: Action Drama Crime
Director: David Dobkin
Actors: Robert Downey Jr. Leighton Meester David Krumholtz Vera Farmiga Billy Bob Thornton

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Posted by lambiyong
100% Useful

one time watch 3/5

Posted by theresaleigh
100% Useful

the last 20 minutes has no sound

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