Watch Sleeping with Other People: Can two serial cheaters get a second chance at love? After a one-night stand in college, New Yorkers Lainey (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) meet by chance twelve years later and discover they each have the same problem: because of their monogamy-challenged ways, neither can maintain a relationship. Determined to stay friends despite their mutual attraction, they make a pact to keep it platonic, a deal that proves easier said than done.

🌟 6.50/10 from 44155 users
Ratings: IMDB: 6.50
Runtime: 101 mins
Genres: Comedy Drama Romance
Director: Leslye Headland
Actors: Alison Brie Jason Sudeikis Amanda Peet Adam Scott Margarita Levieva

Sleeping with Other People (2015) Watch

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