Brimstone (2016)

Watch Brimstone: A triumphant epic of survival and a tale of powerful womanhood and resistance against the unforgiving cruelty of a hell on earth. Our heroine is Liz (Dakota Fanning), carved from the beautiful wilderness, full of heart and grit, hunted by a vengeful Preacher (Guy Pearce)--a diabolical zealot and her twisted nemesis. But Liz is no victim: she's a survivor, a woman of fearsome strength who responds with astonishing bravery to claim the better life that she and her daughter deserve. Fear not. Retribution is coming.

🌟 7.00/10 from 41492 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.00
Runtime: 148 mins
Genres: Mystery Thriller Western Horror Action Drama
Director: Martin Koolhoven
Actors: Guy Pearce Kit Harington Carice van Houten Hon Ping Tang Farren Morgan

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