The Wailing (2016)

Watch The Wailing: In the small village Goksung in South Korea, police officer Jong-Goo investigates bizarre murders caused by a mysterious disease. His partner relays gossip that a Japanese stranger, who lives in a secluded house in the mountains, would be an evil spirit responsible for the illness. Jong-Goo decides to visit the stranger along with his partner and a young priest who speaks Japanese. They find an altar with a goat head, pictures on the walls of the infected people that died, and an attacking guard dog that prevents their departure until the stranger arrives. Jong-Goo finds one shoe of his beloved daughter, Hyo-jin, in the house of the stranger, and soon she becomes sick. His mother-in-law...

🌟 7.40/10 from 67986 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.40
Runtime: 156 mins
Genres: Mystery Thriller Drama Fantasy Horror
Director: Hong-jin Na
Actors: Jun Kunimura Jeong-min Hwang Yong-nyeo Lee Bae-soo Jeon Yong-geun Bae

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