Bright (2017)

Watch Bright: In Los Angeles, humans live with orcs and elves in a world where fantasy creatures do exist. LAPD police officer Dayl Ward is the first human cop having the orc police officer Nick Jakoby as a partner. When Ward is shot by an orc and Jakoby does not capture the shooter, he questions whether Jakoby lets the fellow orc escape. During a patrol, Ward and Jakoby arrest a man that tells that there is a prophecy and Ward is blessed. Meanwhile, Internal Affairs press Ward to find the truth about the escape of the shooter so that they can fire Jakoby. The magic department of the FBI interrogates the man that belongs to the terrorist Shield of Light group which protects brights so that they can...

🌟 6.30/10 from 188744 users
Ratings: IMDB: 6.30
Runtime: 117 mins
Genres: Action Adventure Crime Fantasy Sci-Fi Thriller
Director: David Ayer
Actors: Will Smith Joel Edgerton Édgar Ramírez Joe Rogan Dawn Olivieri

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