Downsizing (2017)

Watch Downsizing: A new world of possibilities awaits, thanks to a revolutionary medical procedure known as Downsizing. Billed as environmentally-friendly, many people choose to downsize for economic benefits. When the kindly occupational therapist, Paul, undergoes the new procedure, finding himself in this brand-new existence, he must choose between a sheltered life or making an impact in his own small way. Can he help save the planet and afford a nice lifestyle at the same time?

🌟 5.70/10 from 110058 users
Ratings: IMDB: 5.70
Runtime: 135 mins
Genres: Comedy Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi
Director: Alexander Payne
Actors: Matt Damon Neil Patrick Harris Christoph Waltz Kristen Wiig Jason Sudeikis

Downsizing (2017) Watch

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