Watch Loving Vincent: A year after the death of artist Vincent van Gogh (Robert Gulaczyk), Postman Joseph Roulin Chris O'Dowd) gets his slacker son, Armand (Douglas Booth), to hand deliver the artist's final letter written to his now late brother, Theo (Cezary Lukaszewicz), to some worthy recipient after multiple failed postal delivery attempts. Although disdainful of this seemingly pointless chore, Armand travels to Auvers-sur-Oise where a purported close companion to Vincent, Dr. Gachet (Jerome Flynn), lives. Having to wait until the doctor returns from business, Armand meets many of the people of that village who not only knew Vincent, but were apparently also models and inspirations for his art. In doing...

🌟 7.80/10 from 57968 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.80
Runtime: 94 mins
Genres: Animation Biography Crime Drama Family Mystery
Directors: Hugh Welchman Dorota Kobiela
Actors: Saoirse Ronan Aidan Turner Helen McCrory Chris O'Dowd Douglas Booth

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