The Party (2017)

Watch The Party: To celebrate her long-awaited prestigious post as a Shadow Minister for Health and, hopefully, the stepping stone to party leadership, the newly-appointed British opposition politician, Janet, is throwing a party for friends at her London flat. Of course, in this select and intimate soirée, apart from Bill, Janet's self-denying academic husband, the elegant hostess has also invited a motley crew of elite, hand-picked guests: There's April, the sourly cynical American best friend; her unlikely German husband, Gottfried; there's also Jinny and Martha; and finally, Tom, the smooth banker in the impeccable suit. But inevitably, before dinner is served, the upbeat ambience will shatter to...

🌟 6.50/10 from 19041 users
Ratings: IMDB: 6.50
Runtime: 71 mins
Genres: Action Comedy Drama
Director: Sally Potter
Actors: Cillian Murphy Emily Mortimer Kristin Scott Thomas Patricia Clarkson Timothy Spall

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The Party (2017) Keywords

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